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In the Beginning

This song is by K'naan and appears on the album The Dusty Foot Philosopher (2005).


In the beginning
There was a hum
From a poet whose pulse fell
Drum drum drum!

He would perform prayers and all
Till one day he heard a voice call
Come come come!

Sus'pi'cious he moved
With vicious caution
He thinks is a little often
People get held back
By the void inside 'em.


The void said,
I'm poised to speak inside you...
"Rejoice then ...please let me invite you
...To evil, greed and lies too."


Confused and dazed
He moved in ways
He soon became "Hakuna"
Boom boom boom

A knock on his door, his heart is no more
A knock on his door, his soul is no more

That was in the beginnin'
As the story goes on...

So -

The poet's got a proposal
He would always hope but never know
What it feels
To be free
He would be the frozen
Imposed as the chosen,
All laws oppose him
But it would be greed

That's got him there
He's power-hungry,
And proud too

People don't care, he will just care
Evil don't care, he will just prayer...

That was In the beginning...

There was a hum

...Then things changed

They say-
It is better to light a candle than to curse the dark

In the eyes of the youth
There are question marks

Like freedom
Freedom for the mind and soul,

We don't see them
See them for their worth at all,

That's why we lead em

Lead 'em to these wars
And what is it we feed em

Feed 'em our impurities
And who it is we treat em

Treat 'em like the enemy
Humanity will need em

Need 'em like the blood we spill
And we're freedom

Freedom for the hearts we fill
We mislead em

They hunger for the love we give
But we cheat em

The guys beat him and all he wants
Is his freedom,

So they defeat him,
Whatever spirit he's got

"Beat him"

And they teach him
The rest of the world don't need him

And he believes
In the disease that he's heathen

Put up your fists if all you want is freedom
Put up your fists if all you want is -

That was in the beginning...
Then things changed...


And we keep holdin' on,
And we keep bein' strong...
And we keep goin' on
And on and on and on...

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