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Slippin' and Slidin'

This song is by Justin Townes Earle and appears on the album Harlem River Blues (2010).

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I shoulda learned better,
Old enough to know,
Slipping and slidin', feelin' low.

Yeah just sit back?
Ashamed for sure.
Slipping and sliding, feeling low.

Now I'm waking up feeling bad, babe.
I'm losing patience with my only friends.
Why do I try my luck?
I should never touch the stuff,
But it's shouldn't make for?
As long as I keep up appearances, Lord.

It wasn't too long,
I need some coming home,
Slipping and sliding, and feeling low.

Darling I just need a little company,
Ain't seen the sunrise since I don't know when
Days getting longer, nights getting cold.
Slipping and sliding and feeling low.
I'm a slipping and sliding, peeking and hiding,
Slipping and sliding, feeling low.

Written by:

Justin Townes Earle