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One 4 The Mobiles

This song is by Juster.

Who's the man with soul from the tribal
Start up the car tune up the idle
Speed the creed so fast that your nose bleed
Keep low-pro so nobody knows me

Style I use so pump up the volume
Straight from the city down to the bayou
Cutting up wax more tracks than the South Shore
Told ya before there's no room on the dance floor

People move, more jump than Jordan
Locked in a sweat call up the warden
To let me free I see where I'm heading
Check out the forecast news at eleven

'Cause I rip shop, don't stop when I'm rolling
Money foldin' everything golden
The speaker speaks so freak on the roadkill
Let it peak this is one for the mobiles

Pump the speaker, pump it up, pump it up
Kick the bass and bump it up, bump it up
Rollin', rollin' down the ave
Yeah, give ya something that ya never had

Roll up the window
All below zero, your rhymes are a Pinto, mine's a Camero
Keep it tinted so nobody spots me
Keep it smooth, uh oh, you got me in the mix

It kicks like a kick drum
Spin the record only if you want some
Pass in your face stronger than mace
Suckers scatter when I hit the place

So grip yourself have a seat and lay back
Fistfull of dollars, here go the payback
Bills and thrills with more for your money
Doing a chill so ill, it ain't funny

So buck your head get a ho and skeez her
But pay your dues if you're looking to please her
Let it rip don't trip with your ho feel 'cause yo
This is one for the mobiles

Here come the 3rd understand what ya heard
The spoken word comes straight from the blackbird
Eyes in the sky high like an eagle, passing the law
No sweat 'cause I'm legal except for the nine

I pack in my briefcase, fire it up like hypes do free base
Making a hit but spit out the vocal, creep on the ave
Sleep just a poco, I don't trust it not for one second, watch
As I bust it microphone checkin', Pioneer pounding, EQ is buzzing

Jim is my homie, Doc is my cousin, working the board
And gave it the flavor, just for the people
Who'd like to savor, criminal feedback, blasting the kicker
Shake it up this is one for the mobiles


Written by:

James Riggins; John Saucedo

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