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Don't Ask Me Why

This song is by Juster.

Wake up homeboy
Caught you rolling in the vollo
Got more blues than a Buddy Guy solo

With the harmonica blowing out the rhythm
All my soul brothers and my soul sisters are you with them?
But check out the scene it can make you a mourner
Working for the green selling dope on the corner

Just 17 but man he's living proper
Packing more beef than a Burger King Whopper
So I roll up doing anything possible
'Cause I'm not with the damn ride to the hospital

All these hoods got the devil in their eyes, no respect, no respect
So you got to realize, a brother like me has got to focus
On the tale of my homies locked up, barred up in a jail
I don't like the fact a man would kill me for my shoes
So don't ask me why I got these type of blues

Here it is looking dead in the face of poverty
People playing games like we're living in Monopoly
Watching young brothers all strapped in a lowride
Hanging out the windows coming with the drive-by

Everybody falls then everybody screams
Then somebody dies, it's still the same routine
Ain't a damn thing changed since they living like Shenanigans
Walking like Capone they'll leave you stiffer than a mannequin

And all these fine women all split into sections
Tina caught the virus 'cause she didn't wear protection
Brenda got a baby and Rita is an addict
Candy walks the corner with the 9 automatic

Call a brother crazy 'cause I'm losing all my senses
My temper, my composure when I'm jumping over fences
Living to survive 'cause if you snooze you lose
So don't ask me why I got these type of blues


Written by:

James Riggins; John Saucedo

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