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Common Thief

This song is by Juster.

Breaker, breaker attention all units, coming is the Latin
He's rougher than crack but smoother, than stain
With many styles but he call 'em flavours
And got a lot of sissies looking for the Savior

Praying on a rosary, gripping your religion
Coming to your hood dropping shit like a pigeion
Looking very scary make sure that you hear me
I'll play you like a fairy if you come near me

Step into a party you call a brother loco
Maybe just a poco if you act like a moko
Giving you the click, lunatic rest in peace
'Cause brother you ain't nothing but a common thief

Dressing like a thug 'cause ya just a little wannabe
But to be a criminal yo
You're never gonna be making that switch
I don't think it's possible,

So since you is a bitch you'll land up in the hospital
Crying, dying, sobbing for your momma
I'm mobbing and robbing
So you better kill the drama or I'm a drive-up

Hanging out the window, blasting and bashing
Taking out you putos, illin' 'cause the trespass is the wrong move
Wrong time, wrong place and the wrong groove
Nobody moved, nobody would've got hurt
What a shame I put ya ass in the dirt

Sleeping with the fish 'cause you couldn't
Even hang with a brother from the ave
Knowing the reason you shouldn't bang with
Giving you the click', lunatic, rest in peace
'Cause brother you ain't nothing but a common thief

Thought you knew it all but you didn't get the picture
Looking for the juice but you never knew the mixtue
Was more than you expected, they put you in the klink, 25 to life
That's a lot of time to think

Don't ever show emotion son
You never trust another they'll stab you in the back
It could even be your mother, better think it over
Don't tell me of your grief
'Cause brother you ain't nothing but a common thief

Written by:

James Riggins; John Saucedo

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