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The Equinox

This song is by Jurojin and appears on the album The Living Measure Of Time (2009).

Summer where he stands
Beneath the shade
Cooling down

His warm heart
For his part
He is told

Tainted dreams of knowing where she'd been
Slowly, eats away his memory

Autumn where he stands
Beneath the leaves
Crumbling down

In the days
Passing cold
For the fear
He is told

Of the memory
Slowly drifting by
With a piece of the sea

Morning gray
Vicious light of day
Strips his fears away
Leaving him with nothing left to say

There with no sound
He dragged her body down
Then in the ground
His conscious left behind
He walks away

Eyes to the sky
He feels the dark comply
Ten years of lies
In ocean rocks he now confides

She'll never leave
She'll never leave
She'll never leave

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