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This song is by Jupiter One and appears on the album Jupiter One (2007).

And so it begins,
Countdown, can you think of a
Reason why you so love
It downtown?
I met you in the middle of this
Scandalous town.
It's a miracle you're
Walking around.
Countdown in a dark town, and so
It begins.

It started with a minute of your
Favorite sound.
A sexy little secret of a radio song.
I wish it wasn't floating around.
Countdown to a tight sound, and
So it begins

Can you think of a reason that it's
Your favorite town.
It caught you with your finger on a
Video girl.
America is watching you now.
Countdown to a night gown.

Hey now, wake up!
It's a beautiful day.
Hey now, look up!
You're always turning away.
Are you falling asleep?
Hey now, wake up!
Are you looking away?
Hey now look up!
Are you watching?
It's a brand new day and you shouldn't be fading away.

And so it begins.
It's the time of the season when
You're a man around town.
Imagination taking you where no
One else can.
Floating on sins that surround.
Count down to a dark town and so
It begins,

It's a menace with the promise of
A medicine man,
As fatal as the making of a
Serial fan.
Come over here as soon as
You can
Countdown to a dark brown.

Hey now...

Written by:

K Ishibashi

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