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Saturday Teenage Kick (1997)Edit

Junkie XL - Saturday Teenage Kick

Saturday Teenage Kick

  1. Underachievers
  2. Billy Club
  3. No Remorse
  4. Metrolike
  5. X-Panding Limits
  6. War
  7. Saturday Teenage Kick
  8. Dealing With The Roster
  9. Fight
  10. Melange
  11. Def Beat
  12. Future In Computer Hell

Big Sounds Of The Drags (1999)Edit

Junkie XL - Big Sounds Of The Drags

Big Sounds Of The Drags

  1. Check Your Basic Groove
  2. Action Radius
  3. Synasthesia
  4. Power of Big Slacks
  5. Zerotonine
  6. Love Like Razorblade
  7. Legion
  8. Dance USA
  9. Gettin' Lost
  10. Black Jack
  11. Next Plateau
  12. Future in Computer Hell (Part II)

Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin (2003)Edit

Junkie XL - Radio JXL- A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin

Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin

Disc One
  1. Intro 3pm
  2. Tennis
  3. Crusher (featuring Saffron)
  4. Don't Wake Up Policeman (featuring Peter Tosh)
  5. Reload (featuring Dave Gahan)
  6. Spirits (featuring Saffron)
  7. Angels (featuring Gary Numan)
  8. Perfect Blue Sky (featuring Robert Smith)
  9. Between These Walls (featuring Anouk)
  10. Access To The Excess (featuring Chuck D)
  11. Catch Up To My Step (featuring Solomon Burke)
  12. Never Alone (featuring Terry Hall)
  13. Configuring Audio System
  14. A Little Less Conversation (featuring Elvis Presley)
  15. Beauty Never Fades (featuring Saffron)
  16. Broken (featuring Grant Nicholas)
  17. JXL Radio Technical Support
Disc Two
  1. Intro 3am
  2. Chilled
  3. Dubzilla
  4. Casio
  5. Angels (12" Cut)
  6. Breezer (featuring Sasha)
  7. Nudge
  8. Red
  9. Beauty Never Fades
  10. Cosmic Cure
  11. Rehsurc

Today (2006)Edit

Junkie XL - Today


  1. Youthful
  2. Mushroom
  3. Such A Tease
  4. Today
  5. Drift Away
  6. I've Got A Xerox To Copy
  7. Even In This Moment
  8. Yesterdays
  9. Honey
  10. We Become One

Booming Back at You (2008)Edit

Junkie XL - Booming Back at You

Booming Back at You

  1. Booming Right At You
  2. Cities In Dust (featuring Lauren Rocket)
  3. You Make Me Feel So Good
  4. Stratosphere
  5. Mad Pursuit (featuring Electrocute)
  6. More (featuring Lauren Rocket)
  7. 1967 Poem (featuring Steve Aoki)
  8. Zage
  9. Clash
  10. New Toy (featuring Bram Inscore and Nicole Morier)
  11. No Way (featuring Lauren Rocket)
  12. Not Enough (featuring Willoughby and Nicole Morier)

Synthesized (2012)Edit

Junkie XL - Synthesized


  1. Take Off On Molly's E
  2. Off The Dancefloor (featuring Isis Salam)
  3. Leave Behind Your Ego (featuring Timothy Leary)
  4. Synthesized
  5. When Is Enough Not Enough (featuring Curt Smith)
  6. Twilight Trippin
  7. Love Machine (featuring Tommie Sunshine)
  8. Gloria (featuring Datarock)
  9. Bonzai
  10. Klatshing!
  11. Kill The Band (featuring Joost Van Bellen)
  12. The Art Of Luxurious Intergalactic Time Travel

Deadpool (2016)Edit



  1. Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton
  2. Maximum Effort by Junkie XL
  3. Small Disruption by Junkie XL
  4. Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa
  5. Twelve Bullets by Junkie XL
  6. Man In a Red Suit by Junkie XL
  7. Liam Neeson Nightmares by Junkie XL
  8. Calendar Girl (1999 Remastered Version) by Neil Sedaka
  9. The Punch Bowl by Junkie XL
  10. Back to Life by Junkie XL
  11. Every Time I See Her by Junkie XL
  12. Deadpool Rap by Teamheadkick
  13. Easy Angel by Junkie XL
  14. Scrap Yard by Junkie XL
  15. This Place Looks Sanitary by Junkie XL
  16. Watership Down by Junkie XL
  17. X Gon' Give It to Ya (Radio Edit) by DMX
  18. Going Commando by Junkie XL
  19. Let's Try to Kill Each Other by Junkie XL
  20. Stupider When You Say It by Junkie XL
  21. Four or Five Moments by Junkie XL
  22. A Face I Would Sit On by Junkie XL
  23. Careless Whisper by George Michael

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  1. Obsession
  2. Phat Planet

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