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Haunts For Love

This song is by Junius and appears on the album Reports From The Threshold Of Death (2011).

I don't want to review my life
It just kills me over and over again
And all that we were,
And all that we hide
Has severed us apart
And all of the lies
And all of the ties
That bind us are gone, but

Just know, that all we harmed and
All we were was turned around
All around, it's all right
Just know, that all we learned and
All we were was turned around
Let's try to turn time

Don't run away
Don't learn to hate from all the harm
It's still new to you
Don't run away
Don't run away from all our love

I did what I could to forget
All that we were
And all that we harmed will be seen
The depths of love
We will review our truths
We'll recover

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