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This song is by Juniper Lane and appears on the album Tightrope (2001).

On my line with no more belt,
No wires to hold me to the rope.
I see it's up to me to walk the line,
To balance on my only hope that
You will meet me on the other side,
You will bring me to the platform,
You'll reach out to grip me in your hands,
You won't let me trip or waver.

I will balance. I will walk the line.

I will tow my debt across now,
I will toe the life line,
I will tow my weight across now
Just hold on.

You'll meet me across the line if I,
I can bear the weight of my debt
Pressing down against my chest.
Can I ever show my gratitude?
I will stand here under pressure,
I'll surrender my safety net,
I will walk the line now with
Nothing but a pole in my hands.

Don't give up before I get there,
Don't climb down before I start to walk,
I'm about to take a step,
To feel the wire between my toes.
One more step before I reach you,
One more step before your arms
Reach out to guide my landing,
To pull me patiently to safety.