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The Old Garden Gate

This song is by June Tabor and appears on the album Apples (2007).

As I walked out one May morning
So early in the spring
I placed my back against the old garden gate
For to hear my true love sing

“Come now my love and sit down by me
Where the leaves are springing green
For it's now very near three-quarters of a year
Since you and I together have been”

“I will not come and sit down by you
Nor yet no other man
For you have been courting some other young girl
And your heart it is no longer mine”

There is a flower I've heard them say
I wish I could that flower find
It's called Heartsease by night and day
Would it ease my troubled mind?

I cast my anchor in the sea
And it sank down into the sand
So did my heart all in my body
When I took my false love all by the hand

Oh, I'll never believe a man anymore
Be his hair white, yellow or brown
Unless he was high on the gallows tree
And swearing that he wanted to come down

So girls, beware of a false lover true
Never mind what a young man might say
He's like a star on a foggy, foggy morning
You think he's near, he's far, far away

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