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The Bleacher Lassie Of Kelvinhaugh

This song is by June Tabor and appears on the album Ashore (2011).

As I was a-walking one fine summer's morning
All along by the Broomielaw
O it's there I met with a fair young maiden
She'd cherry cheeks and she'd skin like snow.

Says I, "Fair lassie, why do you wander
Along by the Broomielaw?"
"O indeed, kind sir, I will plainly tell you,
I'm a bleacher lassie on Kelvinhaugh."

"O lassie, lassie if you'll go with me
I'll dress you up in fine satins braw."
"O indeed, kind sir, it's the truth I'll tell you
I've a lad of my own but he's far awa."

"O lassie, lassie, you are hard-hearted
And I wish your fair face I never saw;
For my heart's aye bleeding, both night and morning
For the bleacher lassie on Kelvinhaugh.

"It's seven lang years that I've loved my sailor;
And seven long years since he went awa
Aye, and another seven I'll wait upon him
And I'll bleach my claes here on Kelvinhaugh."

"O lassie, lassie, you have proved faithful
And you thought on me while I was awa;
Two hearts will surely be rewarded,
We'll part no more here on Kelvinhaugh."

And now this couple, they have gotten married
And they keep an ale-house atween them twa
And the sailor laddies, they all go drinking
At the bleacher lassie's on Kelvinhaugh.