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Shameless Love

This song is by June Tabor and appears on the album Against The Streams (1994).

Some will call it a love song, honey
Lost in the melody, lost in the rhyme
Just another song about love gone funny
Heard it before a thousand times
But it's shameless love that sings the song
When it's all been sung and the music ends
Tears are only salty water
And it's shameless love again...

Some say love is an outlaw raven
Sun goes down and away he flies
To steal the blind man's watch and chain
And ask politely for the time
Shameless love makes a thief out of me
Catch me, chain me to the prison walls
I'll rust the chains with salty water
Shameless love will set me free

Here's my heart and all that's in it
Some say roses, and some say thorns
Some say I'm a fool to give it
Crazy as the moon in a midnight storm
It's shameless love that killed the clown
Somebody turn that spotlight down
Wash his face in salty water
Then shameless love abounds

Wish you'd been the first to love me
Take me to your Texas towered plains
We could sleep and dream of one another
Far away from the raven's wings
And its shameless love makes a dreamer out of me
Shameless love is all I feel
Tears are only salty water
And dreams are only real...

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