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Dreaming Of Spires (2002)Edit

July Skies - Dreaming Of Spires

Dreaming Of Spires

  1. Coastal Stations
  2. Swallows and Swifts
  3. The Night Sky
  4. Garden Constellations
  5. Coastlines and Laughter
  6. To Love You Blossom
  7. The Softest Kisses
  8. So Sad Today
  9. Corinivm
  10. East Kennet Skies
  11. Southern Orchards
  12. The Ruined and Disused Churches Of Norfolk

The English Cold (2004)Edit

July Skies - The English Cold

The English Cold

  1. Farmers And Villagers Living Within The Shadow Of Aerodromes
  2. The English Cold
  3. The Mighty 8th
  4. Countryside Of 1939
  5. Strangers In Our Lanes
  6. East Anglian Skies
  7. Death Was Where Your Sky Was
  8. They Played In The Harvest Fields At Dusk
  9. Cloudless Climes And Starry Skies
  10. Waiting To Land
  11. Lost Airmen
  12. August Country Fires
  13. Faded Generation

Where The Days Go (2006)Edit

July Skies - Where The Days Go

Where The Days Go

  1. Coastal Stations (Radio WZBC Version)
  2. Swallows And Swifts (Radio WZBC Version)
  3. Countryside Of 1939 (Radio WZBC Version)
  4. Learning With Mother (Radio WZBC Version)
  5. The Softest Kisses (7" version)
  6. The Days We Played
  7. Southern Orchards (7" Version)
  8. Childhood Illustrator (For Harry Wingfield)
  9. The Map That Came To Life (For Ronald Lampitt)
  10. Berkswell
  11. It's Late In The Day For Love
  12. Wiltshire Days And Skies
  13. August Country Fires (epic45 reworking)
  14. RAF Saxa Vord
  15. Autumn Fires
  16. Waiting To Land (epic45 reworking)
  17. Air To Ground At Manorbier
  18. You Take Me Through The Day
  19. Coastal Stations (live at the ICA 02.02.02)

The Weather Clock (2008)Edit

July Skies - The Weather Clock

The Weather Clock

  1. Afternoon PIPS
  2. Branch Line Summers Fade
  3. Girl On The Hill
  4. See Britain By Train
  5. Friog
  6. Holidays To Wales
  7. Broadcasts For Autumn Term
  8. One Morning In May
  9. Distant Showers Sweep Across Norfolk Schools
  10. Waiting For The Test Card
  11. Skies For Nash
  12. To My Love

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