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She Don't Care

This song is by Julie Delpy and appears on the album Julie Delpy (2003).

She don't care if you care
She don't wanna share
You think of that day over and over
Like a rat in a can

The thought of her is killing you
Over and over

When she spoke her mind
You felt so cold inside
And now, you're free of her
But you can't move on

Go on

You can bare her stare
You had it with her temper
And her bad behaviour
Will you forgive her?

Over and over

The word she said
Still burn inside
She raised her voice
Too many times before

And still you miss her... company
After dark
Every night

This is a fucking nightmare
Now she tells you she loves you
That she can't live without you
You're ready to move on

But now how she hangs on

The way she loves you
Makes you feel like no one else before
The way she holds you
Makes you feel so warm inside

So you can live in hell
Without her
I'll live in hell with her
That why you take her back
Because you want her more than anyone you met before
Because she's the one you've been looking for


Written by:

Julie Delpy

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