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Black & Gray

This song is by Julie Delpy and appears on the album Julie Delpy (2003).

I want to sing about someone
He was so good at looking sad
He made my cry
So many times
But never like that morning

He had a cold
They said
God mixed up in adolescence
He left us with a link
Hanging in the summers rain

I want to sing about someone
Someone that I never knew
Someone that woke back word
Backward in the water
He went a little to fast
To fast to stay alive

Not afraid to die- he said
But did not have to go so soon
He had so much more to sing
And so much more to give

Black is the only colour
That suits you
Gray was a little too light
For you
And now rather go
Will miss them
But soon he'll join them

It isn't my fault
If I am this way
When I see a man swimming
I see a drowning child

And when I look up at the sunny sky
I see a storm is coming
And a man next to (...)
Reminds me of a destiny

Black is the only colour that suits me
Gray is a little too light to me
Now rather go
I miss them
But soon I'll join them
Tonight black is the only colour that suits me
Oh tonight black even seems little to light for me
Black even seems a bit bright for me
And now
And now


Written by:

Julie Delpy

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