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This song is by Juliana Hatfield and appears on the EP Forever Baby (1992).

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Tomorrow, I will run ten miles
Tomorrow, I'm gonna try to smile
Tomorrow's gonna be nice
Tomorrow's sun will melt the ice

Tomorrow, I'll jump outta bed
Go straight to work, lift up my head
Tomorrow's gonna make me strong
I'll trim off the fat and throw it to the dogs

Tomorrow is a brand new day
Tomorrow, she's gonna bring a change
I already know how I wanna be
So tomorrow, you can get together my new identity

Tomorrow, I'll look you in the eye
And tell you I apologize
Tomorrow, I'll find some way to show you
That I am, that I know you

Tomorrow's coming, I can almost taste it
I forget about all the words I wasted
Things I did I can't erase
I carry the weight of my mistakes

All the things I said you won't forget
Maybe Tamara ought to stay in bed

Sleep won't make it go away
Tomorrow's just turning into today
Forgive me, man, for I have sinned
Can I back up and try again?

Written by:

Juliana Hatfield

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