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Crunch Punch

This song is by Julian Casablancas+The Voidz and appears on the album Tyranny (2014).

Devils, evangelicals, they puppet my eye
He is the creepiest guy in the sky.
Re-runs on the radio, the DJ is wrong
He's just a preacher who pushed play on this song.

I can't live on a farm forever,
Please just tell them I'm gone,
But not until tomorrow, when I've made it out somehow.
Can I pray for you, 'ma---?

Police they get in their face
Officer down on the scene
'Calling all cars we have an officer down, I repeat...'

Best repeat what is not true
Watch my neighbor
We wont tell them what to do
Can you rescue me, everybody wants what they can't see
Yes I want it for me, but I want it for you, too

Come meet the ventriloquist who puppets my eye,
He is the creepiest guy in the sky
Everybody loves him and he kisses your hand
He likes to pretend that he sings in a band.
- Okay.

Please don't take the pain
It's running all down on your face...

"Don't miss the show, okay?"
"-Ah, I can't have time"

I can't live on the farm forever
We live too far away
From everything,
I pray for some things to change,
Your mother is a murderer,
Trust me I know.
'...Shit, I got excited, oh-oh'

Can't beat them it's so hard
Wanna meet them in my prime.

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