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Это Я (2007)Edit

  1. Бип-Бип
  2. Sorry
  3. Maмa Нe Ругай
  4. Апельсины
  5. Немножко
  6. Если Ты Любишь Очень
  7. Заходи
  8. Это Я (Секреты)
  9. Взгляды-Заточки
  10. Признайся


  1. Под дождем (2004)
  2. Помни Меня (2005)
  3. Нелегальный Ангел (2005)
  4. Конфетный Мальчик (2005)
  5. Crush (2006)
  6. Beep Beep (2007)
  7. Sorry (2007)
  8. Don't Go For Anything But Love

About the artistEdit

Julia Kova (real name Russian: Юлия Ахонькова, Juliya Ahon'kova) is a Russian beauty queen and singer.

At 17 years old she was chosen as "Miss Russia Universe 2003" , but was unable to compete in Miss Universe pageant due to her age. In fact she had to be 18 by February 1st of that year, while her birthday is on 5th. Julia participated in the Miss Europe beauty pageant later that year instead.

She started her singing career in Russia as Джульетта and released two songs.

Later she moved to USA, changed her stage name to "Julia Kova" and started singing in English. Now she lives in Miami. First album "Это я" was produced by Scott Storch.


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