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Hero's Song

This song is by Julia Ecklar and appears on the compilation Quarks & Quests (1986).

Give me one tall ship to sail, a star to guide her by
Let me orbit unknown worlds, a thousand miles high
My lover is a virgin queen, the gods gave her to me
A ship without a boom or sails, who rules an endless sea

Both I and King Ulysses weren't content upon the shore
With hearts so big, to sing we need a million years or more
The salty winds against his brow aboard his one true bride
On winds of space the Sirens sing, years after he has died

For I am a soldier, though battle I abhor
I wage my war with ignorance as through the void I soar
I wear my heart out on my sleeve, my dreams within my soul
With wisdom I must lead these men as endless night unfolds

For I've a mighty ship to sail; we rule beyond the skies
A universe of stars at my command to guide her by
The shores of dusty Troy my aim, of Crete and lost Cyrene
The ancient hero's song to sing, escorted by my queen


Written by:

Julia Ecklar

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