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This song is by Julia Ecklar and appears on the compilation Minus Ten and Counting (1983).

<!I've never left this Earth; I've never seen the stars;
I've never had the chance to journey to the Moon or Mars;
My name will never be recalled in books of history,
But by God, I know that those who did could not have without me!

... I'm the man who took up tools, and laid out the designs
Of starships: I'm the one who built their sleek and burnished lines.
I'm Every Man who ever fashioned cold refined steel
Into the dreams of spaceflight: I'm the one who made them real.

I'll never know the thrilling pain of blasting into space;
I'll never know what mysteries lie in some unearthly place;
I'll never see new stars be born, or watch the old ones die;
I'll never hear a child from an alien planet cry.

I wonder what it feels like to dance without the ties
Of gravity upon me, though I'll never get to try.
But I have satisfaction knowing that I had a role
In giving those who could a chance to reach that final goal.

I'm the one who made them real.>

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