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Space Heroes and Other Fools (1983)Edit

Space Heroes and Other Fools
Space Heroes and Other Fools
  1. Thoughts on Strange Visitors (with Anne Harlan Prather)
  2. Ballad to a Spaceman
  3. Helva's Song (by Anne Harlan Prather)
  4. Space Hero (with Anne Harlan Prather)
  5. Iron Mistress
  6. Hero's Lullaby (by Anne Harlan Prather)
  7. Hymn to Breaking Strain (with Leslie Fish)
  8. Darkness
  9. Pushing the Speed of Light (with Anne Harlan Prather)
  10. Silver (with Leslie Fish)
  11. Sybil's Song (by Anne Harlan Prather)
  12. Cold Dreams
  13. Hanrahan's Bar (with Anne Harlan Prather)
  14. Crystal Singer (by Anne Harlan Prather)
  15. Homecoming (with Anne Harlan Prather)
  16. Thoughts of a Homeless Alien

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A Toast For Unknown Heroes
  2. Crimson and Crystal
  3. Everyman
  4. God Wrote In Lisp Code
  5. Hero's Song
  6. Memorial
  7. One Way To Go
  8. Planetbound Lovers
  9. Star Fire
  10. Terminus Est
  11. The Ballad Of Apollo XIII
  12. The Eternal Flame
  13. The Firebird
  14. The Hero's Song
  15. The Light-Ship
  16. The Phoenix
  17. Threes: Take 3
  18. Threes
  19. Witnesses' Waltz

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