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This song is by Juggernautz.

The world, the world is madness, eventual
Dark-down and spiral
The world is in flux perpetual
The time, the time is full-force unstoppable
Seamless the forward rush
And time is inescapable
The dream, the dream is haunted and corruptible
Until we awaken into the day of the real
Where one truth shapes us all
(Your wisdom) Your face enlightens all of us
You are, you are the single drop and boundless sea
You are, you are the measure of eternity
Before the afterglow
Before foundations once proved unshakeable
Crashed down in fury - provision secured
One life redeems us all
The soul, the soul is brilliance eventual
Returning to the source the soul is in flight perpetual
(Forever) Your face embraces all of us
(Forever) Your light embraces all of us
You are, you are the ember lows and epic heights
You are, you are the rolling hills and trembling skies
You are, you are yesterday and tomorrow's light
You're life illuminate, You're burning bright

You are

You are the wonderful immensity
You are the great beyond
You are eternal mystery

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