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This song is by Juggernautz.

For the love and life lines
To make some sense (colour and mystery)
For the ghosts of a haunted future
Never to return (a cold hello)
For the acid counsel of
Evil men to go unheard (corrupt!)
For the wounds of youth
To heal without the scars
(Makes us what we are)
Reach out in blind compassion
Recover gilded memories
Give gratitude to the giver
Whisper the names of the ones you love
For the conquest for peace
To be achieved outside of war (bloodshed)
For the truth to never
Be surrounded by the lies
That's the nature of things so far
Believe in the fabric unseen
Run through the rooms of paradise
Defy the towers of despair
Take flight on wings of redemption
You're praying, you're bleeding, you're reaching
You're aching, you're fighting, you're hoping
You're dying while you're waiting
Whisper the names of the one you love
Stare into the sun of the universe
Embrace the wonder of the night sky
Let love like an open field catch fire

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