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Don't Be Afraid

This song is by Juggernautz.

You decide to face the day or to run and hide
Future shocked and far removed from moving forward
Strange high, strange low, rolling faster and rapidly going nowhere
The winged and serpentine, black, slippery nightfall is coming
Vulture-like, shifting shadows, haunted, you weave the sinister plot
The more or less you see the more or less you feel the steeper the drop
Shades drawn the war is on, fallen empires bloom in an afternoon
Fist high with the secret compulsion to slow or reverse the velocity sunset

Don't be afraid or troubled
God holds today - don't be afraid

Facing the fear of your wingless foe as real as apparitions go
Cynical in principle and under the weight of a poisoned soul it's typical
The more you start to see, the more you want to feel and mystery speaks
Hope is fundamental, life is suffering and the waters run deep
Life is changes, places, people, faces - an oasis and a thousand pages
Explaining all the colours that you've never imagined
Awakened in you with every forward move

Don't be afraid or troubled
Don't fear the past or future
Don't be afraid or troubled
God holds today and tomorrow

God's power holds sway over time and space and
He's yesterday, today, and tomorrow

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