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This song is by Juggernautz.

Come together people yeah people come together
If there's a whisper of hope we need it more than ever
When our spirits groan the question is the answer
If the world we have come to know needs a saviour
There's an age-old war that rages even today
When the moreal compass points in every which way
But in the hearts of men, when vision is deceiving

One God is worth believing in

Come together people and let there be no doubt
In whom you put your faith in and whom you can't live without
And always know which way the four winds blow
And where your treasure is found, the time is never or now
When our broken prayers have drifted up to the skies
And despair is at an all time high, high, high
If the conquest for love is something worth achieving

One God is worth believing
One life is worth the living
One truth for every reason
One love for every season

So come together people, yeah people come together
If there's a time to be sure, it's now or never
If Christ the solid rock is where you stand, rock steady rock and
If the hope that you found is something worth believing

So people come together and let the story be told
Of Jesus eternal, Son of God, sun of man
Who embraced the cross, paid the cost
In three days saved all of us - so behold!

One Man for every season
One truth for every reason
One love that's worth receiving
One God who's worth believing in

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