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Lovely Paradise

This song is by Judy Boucher and appears on the album Can't Be With You Tonight (1986).

Oh, island, sweet little island
We're here to be with you
We left you for so long
But we always remember you
The jewels of the sea have painted me a picture
That never leave me wherever I go

Romantic moonlight shines on your mountain
Your new sunset makes your wonder looks like gold
Oh, what a joy to have someone
By my side to enjoy this lovely paradise

[Long and lengthy keyboard solo played by Lindel Lewis over Judy
Boucher's long and lengthy spoken voice ad-lib]

Romantic moonlight shines on the mountains
Your pretty sunset makes your waters look like gold
Oh, what a joy to have someone by my side
To enjoy this lovely paradise

Enjoy this lovely paradise (repeat and fade)


Written by:

Sonny Roberts

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