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Give It Up

This song is by Judge and appears on the album Bringin' It Down (1989) and on the album Chung King Can Suck It (1989).

Nothing on your mind
Your head's hanging low
Melting into the crowd
And taking it slow
You're a little jumpy
You seem a little tense
You're not outspoken
So you don't want to pretend
The unfamiliar faces
We've seen them before
You want to be the toughest
But what the fuck for?
Staring at the groend
Watching your back
So many new faces
But no eye contact
Same fucking scene
You've been hanging for years
But with these new kids
You're not coming off like a peer
The unfamiliar faces
You've seen them before
You want to be the toughest
What for?
You're just afraid of what's ahead
A set of standards, you won't measure up
Intimidation, they could've been sincere
Intimidation from another one of our peers
Give it up

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