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Love Like This

This song is by Json, features Thi'sl and Jai and appears on the album City Lights (2010).

(Verse 1 - Json)
Told myself most of my life get pleasure in all I could find
Results shouldn't be odd, they pale when compared to my God
May not believe it, you have to see it experienced
A love so serious, nothing like this period
He is the end period, thought I would let you know
Men's sin couldn't bury it, why would I let it go?
So so it shouldn't be to much if I
Sing about this love I got, he saved me from that gutter life
He saved my life, hey ya boy just ain't the same though
Picture with the frame broke, don't ask me what the 'caine fo'
Yeah it's him I'm leaning on
You should know whose team I'm on
Use to fiend for green weed cheese now it's the king alone
Long as I'm blown away by what grace cost
Made to be Nick Cage cause everyday is a face off
Trying to get my face off and in him I'm losing it
Even Tina would turn if she knew what love had to do with it
Let's go

(Chorus - Thi'sl and Jai)
(Thi'sl) I done traveled the world
Tried money and girls
Cars diamonds and pearls
(Jai) I ain't never seen a love like this
(Thi'sl) Tried the hustle and fame
Even hustled the 'caine
The results are the same
(Jai) I ain't never seen a love like this
(Thi'sl) You won't believe it yo
But best believe it yo
When you see it though
(Jai) I ain't never seen a love like this
(Thi'sl) Know the love of the streets
Still got love for my peeps
But believe and you'll see
(Jai) I ain't never seem a love like this

(Verse 2 - Json)
I use to smoke bags of purp, sold more than hats of work
Traveled through half the earth and none will outlast his worth
Could sell a million too, have people feel my music
But apart from him all of it would be minuscule true
I'm just telling you that he's beautiful
See singin' ain't my usual but this is what he'll do to you too
'Cause there is nothing this great
You sleepin' if you don't peep it I'm praying you come awake wait
See his love and his grace that is on display in a true way
1080p playing a Blu-Ray
Forget what you say, sit in a pew with a screwed face
I'm like cool hey, wait till you get you a true taste
'Cause it's love that comes from the Savior, no there's none that is greater
Need him now and not later, yes I'm in love with the flavor
Yeah, and know the Lord's my portion
You'll read about John and see he's truly drop-dead gorgeous

(Chorus - Thi'sl and Jai)

(Verse 3 - Json)
What you know about death? This is the way love was expressed
The grave exploded couldn't hold him no love won't be suppressed
Yes, so there's no way that we're holdin' it in
Till they globally notice the glory he's showin' through men
Until then we will go from the 'burbs to the blocks
Fiends to those serving the rocks and show they've been purchased a spot
I'm just speaking of love biblically
Christ is the definition, he's literally love physically
Mentally some missin' me 'cause they don't understand it
How the son could be crushed and the father he could demand it
Until they see that he planned it all so he can reveal
How serious is his standard, Man deserves to be killed
Man deserves to be thrashed, we're in deserving of wrath
But Christ he has took it for us, no love can compare to that
So keep your cheddar and cash, no one is a better dad
Minus the heartbreak he's the best that I ever had
You know

(Chorus - Thi'sl and Jai)

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