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The Seasoning (2005)Edit

Json - The Seasoning
The Seasoning
  1. Intro
  2. A-Yo (featuring Flame)
  3. Apology
  4. Dig Deep
  5. Sin Problem
  6. Grace (featuring J.R.)
  7. Crying Out
  8. Faith That Works
  9. Rep Christ
  10. What He Wants (featuring Cho'zyn)
  11. Slow Your Roll
  12. Da Streets
  13. Chance (featuring Nicki)
  14. Walk Wit Me
  15. Take a Look (featuring Nicki)
  16. N.J.D.
  17. Spit It Clear
  18. Take It There
  19. Outro

Life on Life (2008)Edit

Json - Life on Life
Life on Life
  1. Life on Life Intro
  2. Catch (Interlude)
  3. Run
  4. Music
  5. Turning Point
  6. What It Do (featuring Titus and Trip Lee)
  7. Listening Choice (featuring Tedashii)
  8. My Heart Your Home (featuring Dawndia)
  9. I Do
  10. Glory Revealed (Interlude)
  11. Sitting Big
  12. Fight (featuring Thi'sl and MikeREAL)
  13. Who Is He (featuring Lecrae)
  14. Give You Me (Interlude)
  15. Ladies and Fellas (featuring J.R. and Dawndia)
  16. Move Out (featuring Future and Flame)
  17. The Studio (Contest)
  18. Grow
  19. Outro
  20. Grace (featuring J.R.)

City Lights (2010)Edit

Json - City Lights
City Lights
  1. Intro
  2. City Lights (featuring Trubble)
  3. Hustle City (featuring Boxx)
  4. Snapshot (Interlude)
  5. Peep Hole
  6. Goon (featuring Thi'sl and Pastor AD3)
  7. Parent Me (featuring J.R.)
  8. What I Am (featuring R-Swift)
  9. Hope U See
  10. Love Like This (featuring Thi'sl and Jai)
  11. Unexpected Happenings
  12. I Am a City Light (Interlude)
  13. Crank It Up (featuring PRo)
  14. Pray for My City (featuring Rio, Future, S.A.V.E.D., MikeREAL and Flame)
  15. Bout to Go
  16. Heaven's Runway (featuring Fitzgerald)

Growing Pains (2012)Edit

Json - Growing Pains
Growing Pains
  1. Growing Pains Intro
  2. Making Me Over (featuring Pastor AD3 and Tedashii)
  3. 2 Human (featuring Lecrae)
  4. G.P. (Interlude 1)
  5. Held It Down (featuring Butta P and Ron Kenoly Jr.)
  6. It's Alright (featuring MIKESCHAIR)
  7. I the Beast
  8. Brand New (featuring God's Servant and Steve T)
  9. G.P. (Interlude 2)
  10. My Joy (featuring Jai)
  11. Behind the Clouds (featuring Chris Lee Cobbins)
  12. We Not Folding (featuring Trubble and Black Knight)
  13. Secrets (Interlude)
  14. Secrets (featuring J.R.)
  15. Credits Roll (featuring Benjah)
  16. G.P. (Interlude 3)
  17. Goodbye
  18. Parent Me (Bonus Track) (featuring J.R.)

Braille (2013)Edit

Json - Braille
  1. Braille (featuring Lori)
  2. Passing (featuring Serge and KB)
  3. Work (featuring Spec)
  4. Play My Song (featuring Flame)
  5. Can't Let Go (featuring B.Reith and S.O.)
  6. Benjamin Button
  7. Intoxicated (featuring Lori)
  8. Stars (featuring Demond)
  9. Son Hit Me (featuring Derek Minor and Bizzle)
  10. Hold Nothing Back (featuring Benjah)
  11. Secrets, Pt. 2 (Interlude)
  12. Secrets, Pt. 2 (featuring J.R.)
  13. Trust You (featuring Julianna Zobrist)

No Filter (2015)Edit

Json - No Filter
No Filter
  1. The Birth (Interlude)
  2. The Birth
  3. Preacha Man (featuring Monty G)
  4. Get It Got It (featuring S.O.)
  5. Light Up (featuring Serge)
  6. Identity (featuring Jai)
  7. Remember (featuring J.R.)
  8. My G (featuring Black Knight)
  9. Stunna (Prelude)
  10. Stunna (featuring Tony)
  11. Love to Do It (featuring Keno Camp and J. Carter)
  12. Black (featuring T-Word)
  13. Like That
  14. Winters Bone (featuring J.R.)
  15. Filter Effect (featuring Charde Jones)
  16. Stronger (featuring HillaryJane)

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