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​Second Nature

This song is by Joy Williams and appears on the album Joy Williams (2001).

It's so typical
I'm always amazed
When it comes to You
It feels so natural
To be blown away
When I stop and think of
How your love is etched upon my heart
And how no matter
If I laugh, If I hope
If I dream you're a part of me

(Background Vocals)
Wanting You, needing You
Loving You comes to me

(Actual Singing)
It comes like Second Nature like
Breathing in, breathing out
Something I don't think about
It comes like Second Nature
Second Nature
Second Nature

Like an instinct
That I can't control
I always turn to You
It's a spiritual thing
A thirst in my soul
That makes me run
Into your arms and to the place
Our hears collide where
Everything comes clear
And I see, from the start
This is how love was meant to be

It's so obvious
I was born for this
Born for a love like this
And I know for sure
I've been captured
There is no escaping this...

Written by:

Jess Cates, Joy Williams and Guy Zabka