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Holding On To Me

This song is by Joy Whitlock and appears on the album God And A Girl (2008).

Real life, a bright eyed
Wild ride for everyone
Sometimes it flies
Then dives and comes undone

But I have faith
My heart is safe

I'm lifted up, I'm tumbling down
I touch the sky, I hit the ground
But every time I've found
You're holding on to me

Life pushes out it pulls me in
The ride is wilder than the wind
Why would I worry when
You're holding on to me

We spin, reeling
Feeling insecure
But your plan, your hand
Will stand unmoved and sure

So I won't fear
You've made it clear

So I'll take all
The rise and fall
I'm in your grip, I'll never slip
'Cause love won't let me go


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