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​Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

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This song has been parodied by ApologetiX under the title "Shovin', Crushin', Squeezin'".
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Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
You make me weep
And want to die
Just when
You said we'd try
Lovin', touchin', squeezin'
Each other

When I'm alone
All by myself
You're out
With someone else
Lovin', touchin', squeezin'
Each other

You're tearin' me apart
Every, every day
You're tearin' me apart
Oh, what can I say?
You're tearin' me apart

It won't be long, yes
Till you're alone
When your lover
Oh, he hasn't come home
'Cause he's lovin'
Ooh, he's touchin'
He's squeezin'

He's tearin' you apart
Ooh, every, every day
He's tearin' you apart
Oh, girl, what can you say?
'Cause he's lovin', touchin' another
Now it's your turn, girl, to cry

Written by:

Steve Perry