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This song is performed by Journey and appears on the album Raised On Radio (1986), on the album Greatest Hits (1988) and on the album Time³ (1992).
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I'll Be Alright Without You
I've been thinkin' about the times
You walked out on me
There were moments I'd believe
You were there
Do I miss you
Or am I lying to myself again

I do these things
(It's all because of you)
I keep holding on, but I'll try
(Try not to think of you)
Love, don't leave me lonely

I'll be alright without you
There'll be someone else
I keep telling myself
I'll be alright without you
Oh, love's an empty face
I got to replace
(You don't need it)

People wonderin'
Why we broke apart
The great pretender
Here I go again

These things I do
(It's all because of you)
I'll keep holding on
But I'll try
(Try not to think of you)
All I wanted was to hold you



Written by:

Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, Neal Schon

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