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This song is by Joss Whedon and appears on the television soundtrack Once More, With Feeling (2002).

You're not ready for the world outside
You keep pretending, but you just can't hide
I know I said that i'd be standing by your side
But I...
Your path's unbeaten, and it's all uphill
And you can meet it, but you never will
And i'm the reason that yo'ur standing still
But I...
I wish I could say the right words
To lead you through this land
Wish i could play the father
And take you by the hand
Wish I could stay
But now i understand
I'm standing in the way
The cries around you, you don't hear at all
'Cause you know I'm here o take that call
So you just lie there,
When you should be standing tall
But I...
I wish i could lay your arms down
And let you rest at last
Wish i could slay your demons
But now that time has passed
Wish i could stay
Your stalwart Standing Fast
But I'm standing in the way
I'm just standing in the way

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