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Such A Time

This song is by Joshua Morin.

I'm running, away from myself
6 months in, I fell to love's knees
Well this time I know that I'm young anymore

But she says "baby please won't you come home with me"
So I follow her out the door
Into a wild trip country music
What the hell am I doing here?

But I'd love to believe
That you're that free
I know you too well
You're not fooling me

But it's such a time
With beer and wine
Smoking these cigarettes

Driving far
Singing in the bars
You know I could do anything
Could've stopped right here

And I'm Running, with the girl I love
6 months in, I rose from love's knees
And I find myself
Too far from home to believe

Why don't you come back home
You can't keep going
Oh can't you see
You're not fooling me

I'm coming to the end of the road
Six months in but I've bought what I gave and sold
This was the last time that I would ever do that.
And it's too bad cause it was...

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