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More Money

This song is by Joshua Morin.

I'm gonna fly us out to Mexico
I'm gonna drink all the beer in the world
I'm gonna spend a lot more time with you

We'll watch the sunset every day
We'll buy a hotel so we don't have to pay
I'm gonna laugh all night long with you

I just need to work a little harder
And save a little money
I just need to work longer
To make more money

We'll take Spanish lessons just for fun
We'll tan like gringos out in the sun
I'm gonna spend a lot more cash on you

I'll take you out for a little romance
Sign up for lessons on how to ballroom dance
I'm gonna talk all night long with you

Back to work so I can get paid
I could use a second job so I can make a little more

We'll have our servants pour us drinks by the pool
We'll travel on our own private tours
I'm gonna read all night long to you

I'll say I', sorry for every single mistake
I'll take you shopping and not complain
I'm gonna buy a second dog for you

I could really win the lottery
I really need to win the lottery

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