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Painted Desert Serenade (1993)Edit

Joshua Kadison - Painted Desert Serenade

Painted Desert Serenade

  1. Jessie
  2. Painted Desert Serenade
  3. Beau's All Night Radio Love Line
  4. Invisible Man
  5. Mama's Arms
  6. Beautiful In My Eyes
  7. Picture Postcards From L.A.
  8. When A Woman Cries
  9. Georgia Rain

Delilah Blue (1995)Edit

Joshua Kadison - Delilah Blue

Delilah Blue

  1. Listen To The Lambs
  2. Gospel According To My Ol' Man
  3. Delilah Blue
  4. Waiting In Green Velvet
  5. Jus' Like Brigitte Bardot
  6. Song On Neffertiti's Radio (My Love)
  7. Amsterdam
  8. Rosie And Pauly
  9. Take It On Faith
  10. Pearl

Saturday Night in Storyville (1998)Edit

Joshua Kadison - Saturday Night in Storyville

Saturday Night in Storyville

  1. Flagstaff By Morning
  2. Cherry Bowl Drive-In
  3. Love's Sure Been Good To Me
  4. Paris
  5. Fragile Days

Premium Gold Collection (1999)Edit

Joshua Kadison - Premium Gold Collection

Premium Gold Collection

  1. Jessie (edit)
  2. Picture Postcards from L.A.
  3. Beautiful in My Eyes
  4. When A Woman Cries
  5. Painted Desert Serenade
  6. Invisible Man
  7. Georgia Rain
  8. All I'll Ever Ask
  9. Delilah Blue (edit)
  10. Take It On Faith
  11. Waiting In Green Velvet
  12. Amsterdam
  13. Gospel According To My Ol' Man
  14. Rosie And Pauly
  15. American Hearts
  16. Saxophone Woman

Troubadour in a Time Quake (1999)Edit

Joshua Kadison - Troubadour in a Time Quake

Troubadour in a Time Quake

  1. My Father's Son
  2. Scenes From a Tattoo Parlor
  3. I Believe in You
  4. Don Quixote Rides Again
  5. The Tuesday Night Bingo Queen
  6. Child of Theses Roads
  7. Job
  8. I'll Just Let My Piano Play
  9. The Rice Song
  10. Troubadour in a Time Quake

Vanishing America (2001)Edit

Joshua Kadison - Vanishing America

Vanishing America

  1. Carolina's Eyes
  2. Desert Flower
  3. Begging For Grace (Dragonfly Wings)
  4. Cherry Bowl Drive-In
  5. El Diablo Amor
  6. I Believe In You
  7. Shine
  8. Greyhound Bound
  9. Molly In The Mirror
  10. My Father's Son
  11. Song For A Grounded Angel

Other SongsEdit

  1. Gone Without Goodbye
  2. Picture Postcards From La


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