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Rythym Of Love

This song is by Joshua.

I can't stop the ticking
The ticking of my heart
It helps us get the rythym
So that we'll never part
The rythym of the music
It makes us dance so slow
All the lovers choose it
Because the lover know

When you mix the rythym of love
With the beat of your heart
It shows all the lovers, that your couple won't part
It inspires them to do good
And to never do wrong
This shows how much good could spread through a song

All the things of life
That make some one fell so bad
All the things of love
That make us feel so sad
It all effects the future
Effects the way that we live
We get alot anger
That we will want to give

(But..) Chorus

You may have lost a lover
Some one you wanted real bad
They made you feel like you could hover
They made you feel real glad
But hope is not lost easy there'll be another chance
To meet somebody pleasing who will want to dance


CHORUS:slow-no music

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