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Press To Call The Success

This song is by Joshua and appears on the album Music And Chocolates (2007).

Ooh, I see the world going wild when I turn on TV
What happened to these kids we used to be
It seems like hell is closed and heaven is for free
I don't know about you, but...

What I am, is what I wanna be
Where I stand, is where I wanna be
But if they only knew
Glory and luxury don't last, but time passes
They gettin' just the rest
That makes me laugh how people waitin', standin'
On the line to pass the test
Press to call the success...

It's like is the only way for them to get through
But the man oinside the mirror tells you the truth
Watch what you askin' for 'cause it might come to you
And you think it's all fun fun fun fun

Do they know how hard this life can be?
Take it slow and you won't need to worry...

Be true to this game and this game will be true
First rule first boy tell me what you gon' do
The industry dressed up all in black and blue
Patrollin', controllin' what's comin' outta you
You want the fortune and fame then it's all right
And I can give it to you then it's all right
Got you a place under the spotlight
But you belong to me because I paid the price

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