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Sacrificial Feelings

This song is by Jorn and appears on the live album Live In America (2007) and on the album Spirit Black (2009).

I got high I got down
Took the fast train into town
Spend my time in a world
Where crazies ran the show

Girl talk turned me round
My feet sure left the ground
And I left the real world somewhere down below

I had sacrificial feelings on my mind

When you offer up your soul
To the cause of rock an' roll
There's a price to pay
And it's as high as you wanna go

So when they ring that judgement bell
Just a few short steps from hell
Then it's time to jump that train
And head on home

I had sacrificial feelings on my mind

Into the sun I was driving blind
I was burning up before I had my time

I had sacrificial feelings on my mind...

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