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This song is by Jordin Kare and appears on the album Fire in the Sky (1991).

Once I walked an endless land with the wanderers swinging stride
And once upon a mighty steed forever I could ride
And once a tall ship rode the tide at midnight from the bay
And I could climb aboard her and travel far away

Through centuries and lifetimes, no journey twice the same
With love or fear to guide me on, seeking death or fame
Or hearing just a still small voice that said you can not stay
I could leave the past behind me and travel far away

But now the great jets thunder and they sing of distant lands
But all their promised wonders turned to dust within my hands
For I can travel half the world and return in half a day
And I fear that only death remains to take me far away

For with steel and steam and gasoline and turbines whining scream
They have trapped me in a nightmare that is someone else's dream
Of a world so small and guarded, you could hold it in your hand
A world that knows no land called far away

So I waste my lives in dreaming or bloody useless war
But somewhere there's a flash of fire and a mighty rising roar
And I pray godspeed to those who ride, and I live now for the day
When I leave my world behind me and travel far away

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