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Song Of The Bear II

This song is by Jordin Kare and appears on the album Fire in the Sky (1991).

Hark to the sound of metal on metal!
Drive in the city now if you dare
But beware of the little white three wheeled gocart
Beware of lady with the soul of the bear

Brave young men who drive your Porsches
BMWs and the like
Do you not know that you would be better off
Riding a second-hand, three speed bike

So... Refrain

Bay Bridge commuter or permanent resident
Little old lady on a Sunday drive
Japanese tourist or United States president
None of your cars will get past her alive

So... Refrain

I just had to go to the store for a minute
She's heard it all, both truth and lies
Can you not see beneath the white crash helmet
A thing not human behind those eyes?

So... Refrain

Mortal man, your meter's expired
Plead on your knees and curse and swear
She writes on her pad and she tears off your ticket
Saying Lo, I have summoned you, for I am the Bear

So... Refrain

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