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​Sail For Amber

This song is by Jordin Kare and appears on the album Fire in the Sky (1991).

We sail for Amber on the seas beyond the world
Set sail for Amber on a ship through shadow hurled

(Cold air) behind us. (Hevra) passing (a lee)
Shadow before us to the ends of the endless sea

We are the men who sail for Amber. Let our wives and lovers tell
For when the call goes out that we leave at the dawning they are bid but a brief fairwell
Then we lift our anchor and slip from the harbor on our journey now begun
And the unicorn flag flies from our masthead proud in the morning sun

All hands climb high as we spread our wings, white sail o're violet seas
And our helmsman steers by the blood of princes as we drift on a shadows breeze
But it's watch on watch when the storm clouds gather and the thunder fills the sky
Before the gails that roar from realities rim down the world shifting winds we fly

Till at last we spy on the shifting horizon some strange and foreign land
And the wreck of a war or a virgin forest or the towers of a city grand
Then it's gold for grain, red wine for rubies, barter buy and sell
Till our hold stands full and the salt sea calls us with a call that we know full well

So from port to port we wander shadow, steered by our captains will
And a hundred legends behind us gather of a ghost ship wandering still

Though tomorrow's voyages call to our souls and we'll not be long denied
Yet tonight our sails seek home and haven and our hulls a familiar tide
So we steer for the center of the universe laden with the wealth of a thousand lands
To the hurricanes call where calm in chaos, Amber forever stands

And at last when cold air clears the horizon, comes our lookouts joyful cry
And the gulls of the harbor rise in greeting. Grey wings in an evening sky
And we pledge our lives as we moor 'neath the mountain, here at the heart of all
While we've water and wind, sail and sea room, Amber shall never fall

Cold air before us. Ever to windward be
Shadow behind us, always behind us, waiting behind us to the ends of the endless sea