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This song is by Jordan Pruitt and appears on the album Permission to Fly (2008).

You got me
I know that you always have
Been there looking up over my shoulder
And you'll be there when I get older
'Cause I'm depending on you
And when I go wrong
It's ok
I'm not alone you're there beside me
Confident 'cause I'm feeling you guide me
I couldn't do without you, no

Troubles with my guy
Issues with my girls
You cover me with your love
So I know it's gonna be all right
(Know it's gonna be all right)
I know it's gonna work out fine
There are some times when I'm running low
And I hear your voice like the radio
Lifting me up, up to a better place
Where love is unconditional
When the world fights back
When this crazy train gets a bit off track
Remember your words 'there's always another way'
When love is unconditional

You know me inside out
You're my good and bad but you still love me
So thank you for taking care of me
I know you'll always come through
Even when I might fall down
I don't know just how but you always pick me up
And I know you will never remind me
What would I do without you through

And when I think I'm about to let go
There you are cheering me on
And it ain't even about what's reciprocal
Cause you ask for nothing in return
It's just unconditional (unconditional)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh