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​Simple Things

This song is by Jordan Pruitt and appears on the album Permission to Fly (2008).

I don't wanna get up
'Cause I couldn't sleep last night
I wanna stay in bed all day
Watch the TV and cry
Boy you got me wound up, oh
I'm down and I won't lie
You made a fool of me
Now my heart is so empty

And all the simple things
Remind me of how good it used to be
But now you're gone, ain't you baby?
Do all the simple things
Remind you of how much you cared for me?
But we're all alone now ain't we?

I just need a haircut
Get my independence back
Need my mom to call up
Have a real long girly chat
How am I supposed to move on
When you're the best thing I ever had
How could you walk away
And not even look back?

The t-shirt that you left behind
The voice-mail that I play all the time
The photo of us lying on the shelf
Laughing it off when the car broke down
Watching DVDs and falling asleep
Your text message that I can't delete, oh
The key chain of your name that I got
I could go on and on and on and on
How we used to be
Oh yeah
Oh, oh, oh

I don't wanna get up
Oh, yeah