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​I'm Gone

This song is by Jordan Pruitt and appears on the album Permission to Fly (2008).

I don't believe in us anymore, oh
Don't know why I even tried for so long
I'm gone

Sit back got a story now
About a a guy that I fell in love with
Started out so beautiful
Went down, down, never forget
He used to care
Used to take me everywhere
Make me feel loved, loved, so loved

Hey girls just looking out
You gotta see their the perfect one that
Tell you what you wanna hear than do the opposite
If he don't call when he says he's gonna call
Than delete his number and just forget him
(Just forget him)

Been waiting for the day
That I don't have to wait
For a guy that won't be late
Won't be afraid to give me his heart
'Cause I'm not gonna try
If you're not gonna try
You can go, you can leave right now