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​September Love

This song is by Joose and appears on the album Joose (1997).

September was a time you came into my life
And I'm not the same because of the love you've given me
Now those days and nights are gone but not those memories
Even though I need you back again I can hear you telling me

When the love that we have is a treasure
When the love alone
When it gives us pleasure
When its constantly
An adventure
Then we'll know that we are in September love

So much joy was in my life until you went away
I tried to understand the reason you are gone
Was it something I had said or didn't think to change
To keep you satisfied girl I need you here with me

So lets stay together
Girl we can work it out somehow
'Cause I'm yours forever
You'll always be my September love

When the love
When the love alone
And its constantly
Then we'll know that we are in September love