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Love Like You Loved

This song is by Jonny Diaz and appears on the album More Beautiful You (2009).

Help me to love like You loved
Serve like You served
To speak only words of truth
Help me to care like You cared
For a world in despair
Help me to love like You

There are lots of different people
From a lot of different places
With a lot of different points of view
There's a lot of debating, a lot of speculating
But there can only be one truth

Some would say You're a leader
Claim You're a liar
Some would even say that You're a fool
But I know You're a healer
The perfect messiah
And I want to live life like You

The philosophers ignored You
The Pharisees abhorred You
'Cause You didn't follow their rules
But the sinners were changed
And their lives rearranged
When they put their trust in You


Written by:

Jonathan Adam Diaz

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