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Just Like This Train

This song is by Joni Mitchell and appears on the album Court And Spark (1974).

This song has been covered by Jochen Distelmeyer under the title "Just Like This Train".
I'm always running behind the time
Just like this train
Shaking into town
With the brakes complainin'

I used to count lovers like railroad cars
I counted them on my side
Lately I don't count on nothing
I just let things slide

The station master's shuffling cards
Boxcars are banging in the yards
Jealous lovin'll make you crazy
If you can't find your goodness
Cause you lost your heart

I went looking for a cause
Or a strong cat without claws
Or any reason to resume
And I found this empty seat
In this crowded waiting room
Everybody waiting

Old man sleeping on his bags
Women with that teased up kind of hair
Kids with the jitters in their legs
And those wide wide open stares
And the kids got cokes and chocolate bars
There's a thin man smoking a fat cigar
Jealous lovin'll make you crazy
If you can't find your goodness
'Cause you've lost your heart

What are you going to do now
You've got no one to give your love to

Well I've got this berth and this roll down blind
I've got this fold up sink
And these rocks
And these cactus going by
And a bottle of German wine to drink
Settle down into the clickety clack
With the clouds and the stars to read
Dreaming of the pleasure I'm gonna have
Watching your hairline recede, my vain darling

Watching your hair and clouds and stars
I'm rocking away in a sleeping car
Cause this jealous lovin's bound to make me
I can't find my goodness
I lost my heart
Oh sour grapes
Because I lost my heart


Written by:

Joni Mitchell

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